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"In relationships there are no victims, just willing participants."

What people have said about The Relationship Prescriber's Seminars

Having attended many seminars on emotional intelligence over my 25-year nursing career I can say that John offers a fresh perspective on the subject.  Generally, I have found these offerings to serve up the same regurgitated information.  John provided new and interesting ideas on what it means to have emotional intelligence and how to develop it.  I found myself engaged in this presentation and took away so much valuable information.  I would highly recommend John as an expert on the subject. 

Kristen N.
- Glouster, MA

“John's EQ education is thorough and well presented. He covers all the key components of emotional intelligence, encourages increased self-awareness and how the information can be utilized in both your personal and professional life. Applying John's expert guidance is an on-going commitment to self-improvement; definitely not a one and done session.”

Kellie K. 
- Cherry Hill, NJ