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Body Image & Plastic Surgery: The when and why?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

For many years I struggled with my body image, unsatisfied with my appearance, and diminishing my self-worth daily by what I saw in the mirror, and by the external feedback I received from my peers.

Right before my adolescent years began, I began to put on weight. Not too much weight, however, I just went through a growth spurt and became one of the taller boys in the class. The biggest issue with my weight was my face and chin.

As I developed, I had a very poor chin profile and the slightest weight gains gave me a double chin that dampened my self-esteem. I remember taking a class photo that made me ashamed. I started to look for work arounds jetting out my neck which did not help my posture at all....

But my double chin wasn’t the only aesthetic concern of mine. I went through puberty early and started growing vast amounts of body hair. Additionally, I had a space between my teeth, body acne, braces, and a inguinal hernia that was undiagnosed and stretching out my scrotum.

The icing on the cake was that right after college my hair began to thin. For years I felt genetically “unblessed.”

During my college years I fantasized about all the plastic surgery I wish I could get. Once I had graduated, I invested in a personal trainer that helped me lose 80 lbs. By my mid-twenties I was back to an appropriate weight and feeling more confident than I have felt in a long time. However, perfectionism slowly reared its ugly head.

Once I reached a weight that suited me (after bouts of fad dieting and rigorous exercise routines), I would spend each day dissecting every orifice of myself in the mirror and what flaws that I felt needed to be fixed. Through my mind, thoughts spiraled that I was not muscular enough to get guys to want me or that something was wrong with me physically.

Depression started setting in, and between my dissatisfaction with my appearance and unfulfilling friendships, I became reclusive and started emotionally eating. As the pant sizes went up, and through an act of desperation, I decided to have $25,000.00 of plastic surgery I couldn’t really afford in efforts to jump start me back to my ideal body.

It was an inappropriate time for me to have surgery, and being a novice in the industry at the time, I trusted my eager surgeon. I was very depressed after this procedure and slowly started gaining wait and hiding myself in large hoodies and sweats. Food was my only comfort. After placing myself in therapy I learned a big lesson:

Plastic surgery is an enhancement, not a correction.

From my experience, you need to be close to your ideal body weight in order to truly reap the benefits of these procedures. I placed a lot of value and emphasis on realistic goals through the aesthetic consultations I performed. My patient’s satisfaction with their results was the priority, therefore, I explore all the options available to them to see which one would fit their needs the best. With injectables sometimes it’s better to go with the surgical option to achieve better the result.

Things got worse and I had surgical complications that I ignored and had to have pectoral implants removed that distorted my pecs after their removal.

I will tell you one thing; I would not change a thing because this was such a valuable lesson to me.

In May of 2019, I underwent a sinus surgery along with the placement of a chin implant with sub-mental liposuction. This procedure was LIFE CHANGING. I had never been more satisfied with the results and the surgery helped me lose some additional weight that I needed to lose.

My confidence has never been better. The days where some former friends of mine bullied me for my double chin were long behind me. There are injectable options for double chins, but sometimes surgery is the better option..

The takeaway

So, what is the moral of the story? When it comes to plastic surgery make sure you are exploring all options. has some great information and there are surgeons out there that will do free consultations.

Take into consideration their work but also their approach towards the consultation. Ask yourself, "Do I feel Like I am being sold to? Am I getting the bigger picture? Does the surgeon feel invested in my well being and outcomes? How do I feel about my inside traits, and do those need work? What will this surgery really do for my appearance?"

Lastly, is the timing, right? Body image and self-perception are all encompassing and go hand in hand with confidence, self-love, and high self-esteem. Yes, I am in total support of plastic surgery (actually, I am passionate about it), but it is important to think critically before doing this.

This is some of the work I do with my clients. I help foster a more positive image through self-discovery, relationship work and my medical knowledge of these procedures. I hope my story can benefit you the way it has me. If your interested in this type of personal development, lets work together!

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