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Word of the Year: 2022 Edition

Can we believe it? 2022- It’s here. 2021 managed to fly by extremely fast, leaving behind it, it’s dramatic continuation of 2020.

As every new year comes along, I like to participate in a little activity called “word of the year”. Word of the year is where you pick a word that represents what you want the year to be to you. Are getting back to a fitness regimen? The word “motivate” might be a good choice. Are you looking to call in your soulmate? Perhaps “partnership” is your word. Nevertheless, it is always good to pick a word that can sum up all the good things you want your 2022 to be. I remember in 2019 going into 2020, I chose “illuminate” as my word. 2019 had been a big growth year of mine where I faced severe heartbreak but managed to come into my own in the process. With that pain behind me and an optimistic look into my 2020 (and despite COVID-19 rearing its ugly head), I still managed to have a very illuminating 2020. I finally felt good in my skin, felt secure in my relationships, and made such progress with my overall wellbeing. So, after careful consideration, what shall my word for 2022 be? This year I choose "consistent". What does consistent mean for me? Consistent means showing up for myself as consistently as I do for others. It means practicing discipline and setting a regimen to get me to my goals. It's about balance and a recalibration of my energies so that different areas of my life are being tended to the way I would like it. What are some of my goals? One of them is to connect with you guys more. To build this relationship between us, and get you the content you need to better your lives. To deliver you meaningful words and information that you can apply towards your own growth. And to do this with consistency.

So, as we head into 2022, that’s what I intend and what you can expect. And as you think of your word for 2022, drop it in the comment section. Or, if you need help setting your intentions contact me personally and let’s do this together. As corny and overused as it sounds, this is the first chapter of a new start, and let’s make it something really good!

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