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Dr. John De Oca

John Ryan De Oca is a relationship expert and board-certified Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Coach residing in Hudson County, NJ. He offers more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry with his ultimate passion being in relationships.  Additionally, he really cares about how his clients feel about themselves and their image.


John strongly believes in personal insight and development to help his clients achieve their outcomes with a mind, body, soul approach. John’s challenges and discoveries with his own relationships and self-image have led him to establish this coaching practice and impact people’s lives on the inside and out.

John has worked with and studied from some of the most innovative coaches and therapists in the country and continues to incorporate new knowledge and innovations into his practice with his clients. Clinically practicing in aesthetic medicine allows John to work prudently and meticulously at his craft and passions. Currently, John just finished his doctorate degree at Saint Peter’s University where he can put his passions into practice on an even more advanced level. Importantly, like everyone else, John is a human being experiencing many of the things his clients are in his own life. He conscientiously works on his own development in order to achieve the best outcomes for himself and is passionate about doing the same for those working with him. When he is not working to help serve his clients, John enjoys fall festivities, his teacup chihuahua Autumn, and is a reality tv junkie.

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