“There are several reasons people undergo coaching, but my philosophy is that relationships are at the center of all our lives, and how we feel about ourselves is what we project out into our external environments. Think about when you're single looking to find love or move to a new city and are in search of friends...relationships really matter. In order to feel confident in our relationships it is imperative that we love ourselves and build a strong sense of self-image. I have struggled with relationships (of all kinds) and my self-image for a long, long time. My legacy I would like to leave behind is to truly help people that have hardships in these areas.“



The biggest relationship we have is with ourselves, and if we don't hold ourselves in high regard, our relationships tend to mirror that notion.  Self-Image isn't just working on our appearance, but also working on the stories that run on autopilot through our mind, our beliefs, and how we feel and view ourselves.  



Friendships can be vague in that expectations of friendships, as well as how close a friendship is, can be difficult to decipher and two individuals may not always be on the same page.  But, this doesn't mean friendships should be difficult.  John has plenty of tools and coaching principals to assist in helping his clients find friends and repair, maintain, or improve friendships.



Let's face it, we all want love, and our romantic relationships can be the most painful and most beautiful experiences of our lives.  By having coaching in this area, one can identify their needs in a romantic relationship, date strategically, improve communication, assert and adhere to boundaries, and truly find or improve our best matches.  




Work relationships can be tricky. Whether it be a boss who is abusing their power or mismanaging, peers that fail to pull their weight, or a clash of personalities and different agendas, these waters can be hard to navigate.  Most of John's doctoral research focuses on improving workplace relationships and creating a positive work culture.

Relationships in numbers...

Below are some of the statistics in areas of coaching I specialize in. These numbers demonstrate the impact problems in these areas have on our society and the need for coaching to boost outcomes! You can get the life you always dreamed of!


Of Marriages

end in divorce.



in the USA claim to be single.


Find It

difficult to make new friends.


Of Women

in the US don't like the way the look.



in the USA use online dating services.



sometimes or always felt "alone" in 2019.

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